April 18, 2017 - Two additions to the guest policy in the TGPC Policies & Procedures.

a.  If a member does not renew their membership on January 1st., they will be allowed to play as a guest within 30 days of the January 1st. deadline (just in case they are planning to renew) after that time frame they will no longer be eligible to be a guest of club.

b.  You must be a member of the club to participate in the golf trips. Our dues structure is set up to subsidize part of the added features for the trip and our December Holiday Event.  If a person wants to go on one of the trips they are more than welcome to pay the dues and join the club which will make them eligible for the trip and the December Holiday Event.

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Nov 21, 2017 additions to TGPC Policies & Procedures


  • A maximum handicap of 28 will be used for all players for weekly and tournament events. If a member’s handicap is higher than 36 it does not eliminate them from being a member or from playing in any event, they will play at the maximum 28 handicap.
  • Posting Policy – When playing with Tee to Green, if you fail to turn in your scorecard for posting purposes you will receive the lowest score in your scoring record. It is imperative that you return each and every scorecard for two reasons: 

1. To keep you handicap accurately up to date.

2. To assure that your score is properly adjusted (using the Equitable Stroke Control method) for handicap purposes.

Remember it is your responsibility to post all your scores when you play rounds other than with Tee to Green. 

Equitable Stroke Control Adjustment Chart:

handicap 0 - 9 maximum double bogey

             10 - 19 maximum - 7

             20 - 29 maximum - 8

             30 - 39 maximum - 9